The Range 702 Las Vegas

The Range 702 is the largest indoor shooting range in the state of Nevada. Located just a couple of minutes off of the Las Vegas Strip, The Range 702 provides 16 lanes for firing an arsenal of weaponry. You can shoot handguns and fully automatic machine guns at this Las Vegas gun range. VIP suite and private lanes available for parties and groups. You must be 18 or older with a valid ID to shoot. Children must be 10 or older with a parent or legal guardian.

Open 10:30am to 7:30pm seven days a week.    5999 Dean Martin Drive, Las Vegas, 89118

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Adrenaline Package | The Range 702

Shoot 6 different guns for a total of 180 rounds of fun! Want to go all out? Double the amount of rounds for only $180 more. This package can be used by one or two people. You'll also have access to the VIP Suite at the range and receive a Range 702 t-shirt.


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All In Package | The Range 702

Fire off a ridiculous amount of rounds in 12 different weapons. The All In package can be used for either one or two people. Double your ammo for $320 more.

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Area 51 Package | The Range 702

The Area 51 package provides a unique shooting experience for visitors. Shoot at alien targets with an M4, P90, H&K MK23.

las vegas shooting ranges

Black Ops Package | The Range 702

The Black Ops package is an homage to the weapons used in the popular first person shooter video games. You'll get to use an MP5, M4, SAW and Glock.

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Extreme Package | The Range 702

The Extreme package takes your shooting range experience to the next level. Test your skill with the MP5SD, HK 53, SAW, FS2000 and 9mm. You'll also have access to the VIP Suite and receive a t-shirt with your purchase.

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Femme Fatale Package | The Range 702

This package, designed for the ladies, features a Springfield XDM and MP5 shooting experience for as little as $89.95 per person.

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Judgement Day Package | The Range 702

Your choice of 2 handguns and 2 fully automatic weapons. Choose from the 1911, XDM, Governor, Glock, G36, M4, MP5, AK-47 and P90.

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One and Done Package | The Range 702

Choose any one weapon (excluding belt fed and sniper rifles) and fire 25 rounds for only $49.95 per person.

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Recoil Package | The Range 702

The Recoil Experience. Fire a shotgun, Glock, M4 and MP5 for only $89.95 per person.

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Triple Threat Package | The Range 702

The Triple Threat will allow you to choose and 3 weapons from the gun vault. Fully auto and handguns available. Add the SAW M249 machine gun for only $44.95 per person.

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VIP Bachelor | The Range 702

Start your VIP Bachelor experience in our VIP Suite with your own private range! Shoot an MP5, M4 and Glock 19. Finish the evening at the Hustler Club next door, cover charge to the Hustler Club included!

las vegas shooting ranges

Zombie Hunt | The Range 702

Are you ready for the Zombie Apocalypse? Fire an M4, shotgun, AK47 and Glock at zombie targets for only $154.95 per person.