What Happens At The Presentation?

A lot of our sales team is wondering what happens at the presentation that we send our customers to. We've sat in on a few presentations to get a better understanding of the process. Learning about the presentation will help you pitch your customers in a manner that will get them interested in the presentation, not just the vacation. Even though we are selling vacations, we are not a vacation company. We are a marketing company. Our main function is to generate a viable lead for the vacation club presentation.

The qualifications are as follows:

- 25 Years to 76 Years of age

- Must be married, co-habitating couple with matching IDs showing the same residence or a single woman. Single men are only qualified if they own a timeshare in severalty (they are the only one on the deed to the timeshare). All couples, married and co-habitating, MUST attend the presentation together.

- $60,000.00 per year minimum household income.

- Possess a major credit card and photo ID. Must bring a credit card (not a debit) to the presentation along with ID.

Upon arrival to the presentation, which often takes place within the building at 101 Convention Center Dr., travelers will be met by a sales rep that tries to put them at ease about the presentation by reassuring them it's not a high pressure sales pitch. Travelers are given a short questionnaire that asks all of the qualification questions we ask in our verification process. If the customer does not meet all of the criteria (age, income, possess credit card, marital status) they will be refused entry to the presentation. Any one who is deemed as not qualified or an "NQ", will not receive any of the gifts associated with their package. This is why we must do our very best to make sure the customer is qualified during our phone call. Do not coach your travelers into acting like they are qualified. Do not tell single men to bring a girl along that doesn't have an ID showing they are co-habitating. The only thing it will accomplish is an upset traveler and a useless lead for the presenter. Bad reviews from customers and unsatisfied business associates are unacceptable and will hurt our company so sell with this in mind.

Once the traveler is deemed as a qualified customer, they will be ushered into a small theater by their sales representative. A visual presentation begins to play on a widescreen TV showing customers all of the destinations they can visit through the vacation club. Worldwide there are thousands of properties available for the customer to choose from. Cruises, accommodations, discounted package deals including airfare, rental cars and retail discounts can be earned as a vacation club member.

The video then explains the savings in a very easy to understand slideshow. There are typically 3 ways consumers book travel. They either own a timeshare, book directly through a hotel or visit a third party travel site such as Expedia or Travelocity. Each method is compared in terms of pricing to the vacation club's travel rates. The travel savings equates to 40 to 70 percent discounts when compared to the traditional booking methods. This is a huge selling point to any of the customers you speak with. If we can show a customer how to save up to 70% on future travel.... Why wouldn't they want to hear about it?

Also, the customer will be able to acquire discounts on local retail outlets as a member. At the last presentation we attended they gave us in depth details about the retail side of the club. In Henderson, Nevada there were 640 vendors that provide discounts of up to 50% to members. The customer will be able to get discounts from vendors in their place of residence as well as anywhere they travel. These discounts are for things you buy in every day situations. Oil changes, pizza, dry cleaning, you name it. The savings on the retail side makes this an amazing deal because your every day savings would surpass the cost of being a member.

Timeshare Owners

Timeshare owners are the best leads we can send to the vacation club presentation. Often, when pitching the presentation to our travelers in the initial phone call, they assume we are trying to get them to go to a timeshare presentation. This objection is easy to overcome with a simple statement.

"We do not sell timeshares. In fact, if you own a timeshare that you are unhappy with, we can Teach you how to legally dissolve your obligations for timeshare ownership without affecting your credit".

This statement is absolutely true. The vacation club has a legal team that they work with to get the timeshare owner out of their ownership contract. In some cases, they can even help the timeshare owner recoup their initial investment through a timeshare sale. The vacation club does not buy timeshares directly from customers but they can help facilitate the deal.