Make Your Vegas Standards and Ethics

Hello team! As the owners of Make Your Vegas we are very pleased with the progress we've been making as a whole. We are very grateful to have everyone on board and we are looking forward to seeing you grow with our company. We know that there have been a lot of changes made to the package we're selling over the last few months and it has become quite confusing to everyone. We apologize for the rapid changes and accept responsibility for any confusion.

I would like to take this opportunity to clarify what can and cannot be done while selling our package. You are expected to read this and adhere to these standards moving forward. 

1 - Bonus Vacations. You must learn the bonus vacations listed within the agent portal and make sure that you aren't offering the bonus vacation as "free". It costs the customer taxes and resort fees at time of booking, it's not completely free and shouldn't be pitched that way.

     You can offer up to two bonus vacations to your customers. The new bonus vacations costs us $30 each. We will cover the cost of the first bonus vacation. If you need to offer a second bonus vacation, do so knowing that you will have the $30 deducted from your commission.

There are no free meals, show tickets, rental cars or anything other than what is listed in the bonus vacation outline. The bonus vacation is given at the presentation and can't be used in conjunction with the initial Vegas getaway.

2 - Travel Credits. The travel credits we are giving away comes in the form of a gift card that can only be used towards future accommodations, not airfare or rental cars. It CANNOT be used to extend their Las Vegas stay as they won't receive the credit until they have attended the presentation.

3 - Qualifications. Some of the presentation qualifications are being overlooked. Please understand that our company doesn't generate any real profit from a vacation sale. You're the only one making money on the vacation package! We make our money generating qualified leads for the travel show presenters. If we have someone show up to a presentation that doesn't meet the qualifications, they are turned away and won't get their show tickets, dining, bonus vacation and travel credits. This doesn't make for a happy customer and will ruin our online reviews as well as our relationship with the presenters. No one benefits from this situation. Please make sure you are qualifying your customers correctly:

  • 25 - 72 years old
  • Married, Co-habitating Couples, Single Females with income over $60k annually
  • Single Men with income over $70k annually
  • Photo ID and Major Credit Card, not just a debit (must bring both to the presentation)
  • At least one person attending the presentation must speak and read English
  • Timeshare owners do not have a minimum income requirement
  • Must attend a 60 - 90 minute presentation

All of the qualifications are reiterated in the customer's welcome email as well as the details of the package purchased. Please make sure you are pitching properly so it doesn't result in a cancel or a chargeback!

4 - Price Dropping. Unless specifically stated in your contract, you do not have the authority to drop the price from $599 to a lower price. With all of the new sports teams, legal marijuana and the addition of a few major conventions, room rates in Las Vegas are soaring. Do not drop the price of the package. There is plenty of value in the package as is.

5 - Visa Gift Cards. This is a thing of the past and CAN NOT be offered under any circumstances. No exceptions.

6 - Rewards Card. The new Make Your Vegas rewards card combines our brand with the Vegas Advantage Card. The customer will receive rewards points for every purchase they make online. Anytime they add a tour, show tickets, transportation, etc. they earn rewards points that can be redeemed for savings on their Vegas purchases. The physical card will be mailed to your customer 10 days after their purchase. The card can also be presented, in person, to 150 plus vendors in Las Vegas for a discount of up to 50%. This doesn't include tickets to headline shows or whatever you feel like pitching. Here is a complete list of vendors. - CLICK HERE While the rewards points never expire, the Vegas Advantage Card expires one year after it's first used.

If you can not stick to these simple guidelines, you jeopardize the future of our company and essentially your own job. As of 7/19/2017 these rules must be followed or it will result in termination.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Moving forward, we know that this an amazing business model with lots of potential. We rely on you, our sales force, to make sure that these standards are upheld. If you have any questions about the program feel free to write us at Please include your name, phone number and the manager you work under and you will get a response ASAP.


Go Hard,

Dom Squared