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Instant Affiliate Account Approval. Real Time Stat Tracking 24 Hours a Day.

No Minimum Requirement for Payout.

Earn Commissions For Driving sales to

As an affiliate you can place banners, text links, social media ads, and even generate sales through emails using our ad creatives. Sign up is easy and after you are instantly approved, you'll earn higher commissions than our competitors offer. We pay up to 50% of sale volume, not of overall profit like the other travel sites. How do we do it? We have our own affiliate platform and we don't have to share a portion of your hard earned commissions with third party sites like Commission Junction or ClickBank.

We don't hold your earnings for months on end, we pay out weekly. We even provide you with free online affiliate training tutorials to help increase your knowledge and understanding of affiliate Internet marketing. As an affiliate you will get access to instructional videos that will walk you through every step of online marketing.

You will also be able to recruit other affiliates and earn every time they make a sale through their online marketing. Make Your Vegas will pay you 10% of the commissions your affiliate recruits earn. That's a huge potential for additional passive earnings. Get paid through PayPal or direct deposit into your bank account.

Login to our system 24 hours a day to check your stats and earnings in real time. We're constantly adding new banners and ad creatives to help you market your products. We place ZERO limitations on search engine marketing, social media marketing or keywords making it easier for you to do your job as an affiliate.

Highest Travel Affiliate Program CommissionS

No complicated algorithms just to calculate your earnings. Your commission starts at an industry-high 10% of total volume. After you've made your 20th sale, it increases by 2.5% every 20 sales before capping out at an unheard of 50%. Whether you've sold 1 package or a thousand, you get paid every week like clockwork! View full commission chart below.

  • Earn MINIMUM 10% of total sale on all vacation packages sold
  • Receive commission increase of 2.5% for every 20 sales
  • Commission maxes out at a whopping 50% of total sales volume!
  • Earn 20% commission on all show tickets, tours, attractions and transportation.
  • Earn 10% of commissions earned by all of your recruits.
  • We don't hold your money until after the customer checks out of the hotel (unlike ALL of our competitors). We payout weekly.


Free Access to Affiliate Training Program

  • Free Internet Marketing Training Course
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Wordpress Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Tons of tips & tricks, video resources and community participation.


      Place Ads With Your Unique ID Tracking

    Place Ads With Your Unique ID Tracking

            Recruit New Affiliates And Earn 30% Of Their Commission.                 All Of Our Ad Creatives Track New Affiliate Sign Ups!

          Recruit New Affiliates And Earn 30% Of Their Commission.

             All Of Our Ad Creatives Track New Affiliate Sign Ups!

     Get Paid Weekly. Our Average Commission payout is $62 per sale!

   Get Paid Weekly. Our Average Commission payout is $62 per sale!

Commission Chart
# of packages sold
commission payout % monthly commission paid to affiliate
(based on avg price of $450 per package)
1 10% $45
20 10% $900
40 12.5% $2,250
60 15% $4,050
80 17.5% $6,300
100 20% $9,000
120 22.5% $12,150
140 25% $15,750
160 27.5% $19,800
180 30% $24,300
200 32.5% $29,250
220 35% $34,650
240 37.5% $40,500
260 40% $46,800
280 42.5% $53,550
300+ 50% $67,500