Xterious Escape Room Las Vegas

If you're looking for a mentally challenging activity or team building exercise, Xterious Escape is the place to visit. Put your wit to work and see how quickly you can solve puzzles that will ultimately lead to your "safety". It's a great way to bond with family and friends and provides a different type of experience to visitors of Las Vegas.

Xterious Escape

Choose from two different story plots that both last approximately 60 minutes. 2 to 10 players. Must be at least 10 years of age to participate.

Casino's Dark 11

Our friend Lucy has been kidnapped. Time is running out. This is our 3rd night in Las Vegas, we’ve been having a blast so far. Last night we drank a bit too much, we ended up losing Lucy in the crowd. I am a little worried but I am sure we will meet her again tonight.

Bugsy's Nightmare

Recover the secret prints of Las Vegas and save the city's future before Bugsy takes over the city for good. It’s 1945, Las Vegas, Bugsy the dangerous criminal got a hold of the secret prints of Las Vegas that would allow him to rule the city. Bugsy gets called away for a secret meeting, he will be back in 1 hour. This is the only chance to recover the prints and save the city’s future. Hurry! Time is of the essence you must find his safe, get the documents and leave the place before he gets back. If Bugsy finds you there he will kill you all and take over the city for good!


Xterious Escape | 105 East Reno Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 | Hours: Mon. - Fri. 11am - 11pm